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Here we would like to introduce our hotseller–latest mobile 3G wifi router to you, this is very new product in the market, you will find it very amazing pontential demand and bring you huge opportunity.


  Item No.: MT-G3R-X21N-E V1.0  
  Description: Portabl 3G WiFi Router  
  PP Status: Available Now  
  Price:   100usd/pcs ,MOQ: 1000pcs (price depending on your order qty can be much better)  
Plug & Go  
  Just plug in 3G Modem(USB) and surf internet easily.
Play & Share  
  High-Speed Internet Access for up to 30 Devices Simultaneously with a Single mobile Broadband Account
  Supports Wireless N Standard with Data Speeds up to 150 mbps on local area network
Dual CPU Solutions  
  Powered by 3G Modem processor and Ralink Technology.
One-stop Setting  
  Auto network detection & Auto APN setting.  
Bothway for WAN & LAN  
  WAN mode for hotel/office/home Internet, LAN for PC access. 
Compact size fit in every pocket  
  Standards � IEEE 802.11b/g/n   
  � IEEE 802.3  
      � IEEE 802.3u
    WIFI Security � WEP (64/128 bit)
  � WIFI Access Control List(ACL)
      � WPS(PIN/PBC)
  WIFI Frequency Range � 2.412GHz to 2.472GHz
    WIFI Transmitter Power � 802.11b (17~18dBm)
  � 802.11g(14~15dBm)
      � 802.11n (13~14dBm)
  WIFI Performance � Over 30 WIFI Client access
  � Theoretical Maximum bandwidth: 150Mbps
  � Furthest transmission distance: 50 meter
    3g Modem(Optional) � Plug and Play
  � EVDO 3.1Mbps(down)/1.8Mbps(up)
  � WCDMA 2Mbps(down)/384Kbps(up)
  � TDSCDMA 3.1Mbps(down)/2.6Mbps(up)
  � HSDPA 7.2Mbps(down)/2Mbps(up) Optional
      � HSUPA 14.4Mbps(down)/5.76Mbps(up) Optional
  LEDs � Power �Wifi �Wan/Lan �2G/3G(Signel) �Battery/Charge
    Button � Power �WPS/WIFI �Reset 
  Power Adapter � Mini USB 5V/1A
    Power Consumption � 2.5 Watts
  Battery � Voltage (3.7V)
  � Capacity (1600mAh)
  � Operation time 2-3 hours
  � Dimension 7mm*40±0.1mm*68–0.1mm
    SIM Card/MicroSD Card Slot � Push-Push
  Operating Temperature � 0℃ to 60℃
    Operating Humidity � 10%-90% non-condensing
  Dimensions � 69.3*117*20mm
    Weight � 100g(TBD)
  Network Application � SPI(Stateful Packet Inspection) firewall support
  � IP/MAC/port/URL/Dos attack filter
  � DMZ Host/NAT/NAPT suport
  � ALG(Application Layer Gateway) support
  � FTP/ PPTP/IPSEC/SIP/H.323 pass-through
  � DSCP/Priority queue/Bandwidth Control/WMM
      � UPNP/IGMP Proxy/WDS(WIFI distributing system)

Our company has ten years experience in producing network products,we produce complete network product series, including Routers,(USB port is optional, 54M,150M, 300M) Network Switches,(including L2,L2+,L3) WLAN cards etc. The company specializes in wireless products and has gained an international reputation for the quality of our Switches. Any OEM/ODM request can be met.You can log on MTN mobile 3G wifi router introduction to allow you know about us better.

We are in service of many famous company around the world, D-Link, one of the most famous company in this area, we also do OEM for them:

Maytech, one of  the biggest Brand owner in Brail, buy from us monthly 20K to 50K from router, usb adapter, pci lan card to switch:

PDS, one of the famous company in USA, buy from us Gigabit Management switch MT-GS2024SF monthly  thousands pieces:

And there are many other famous company like Segment, INCA from Turkey, buy from us monthly 50K switches.

We are looking to be on your service in the near future, if you are interested in our company pls dont hesitate contact me, thanks.


Professional OEM/ODM Manufacturer for complete series Networking Hardware Products
ISO 9001 Qualifed Manufacturer


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